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How to Trust Yourself - Ep 18

The evolution of technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), has drastically influenced various aspects of our lives, including leadership. Our latest podcast, episode 18, delves into this intriguing intersection, exploring the role of AI in shaping leadership, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence in the digital age.

Leadership in the tech age requires a balance between understanding the nuances of technology and maintaining the essence of human interaction. We explore the concept of 'authentic intelligence' - the ability to stay true to one's personality, values, and spirit, even under pressure. Authentic intelligence goes beyond IQ and EQ; it's about being genuine and maintaining integrity, no matter the circumstances.

We also discuss the shift from investing in people to investing in technology. While technological advancements undoubtedly enhance efficiency and productivity, there's an undeniable impact on trust in leaders and the social fabric. We delve into the 'you're not the boss of me' mentality that can stem from the lack of trust in leadership, further exacerbating the issue.

Our discussion also touches upon unconventional tools for skill development, such as NASCAR racing and flight simulations. The fusion of real-world skills and technology can provide a comprehensive learning platform that caters to the demands of the modern world.

In the final segment, we focus on the critical characteristics of good leadership and the importance of self-trust. Good leaders display humility, communicate effectively, and remain calm under pressure. They acknowledge and learn from their mistakes, building trust among their followers. We highlight the value of having a mentor or a coach to guide personal growth and becoming the best version of oneself.

The integration of skills is another critical aspect of leadership development. Just like a basketball player practicing a move until it becomes second nature, leaders must consistently hone their skills to become an extension of their leadership style. It's about pushing oneself further with each practice, staying focused, and being consistent.

The leadership journey is fraught with challenges and learning opportunities. However, the evolution of technology and AI brings a new dimension that leaders must navigate. The ability to lead authentically in a digital world is a skill that will only grow in importance as we advance into the tech age.

Our conversation ends with a thought-provoking question - would you want to be led by you? It's a reminder to leaders to reflect on their actions and decisions. It encourages them to strive for improvement and constantly lead authentically and with integrity.

In conclusion, leadership in the digital age is a complex yet rewarding journey. By harnessing the power of technology and maintaining the essence of human interaction, leaders can foster trust, drive growth, and create an environment that encourages learning and development.

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