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Teaching Leaders to Build Trust with Themselves and the Teams They Lead

We teach personal development skills using emotional intelligence, self-awareness and individual assessments so leaders can better lead themselves and the teams they serve. 

Here to help

We are here
to help you thrive.

Goals Lead to Growth

Lack of Personal Development Negatively Impacts Professional Success

Growth Leads to Progress

Removing Your Mental Roadblocks Will Increase Your Speed of Leadership

Progress Enhances Leadership

Learning to 1st Lead U 
Will Help You Better Lead Others

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We get it

Do you struggle with:

  • A Lack of Confidence

  • Getting Stuck When Making Important Decisions

  • Connecting With Your Team

  • Feeling Ineffective as a Leader

We get it.

Personal development can be hard

We don’t like to admit our weaknesses or focus on our flaws either, but in order to grow and find the professional success you desire, you must be willing to do the work necessary to start your own personal growth journey. We all struggle with being the best version of ourselves, but with intentional work and personal accountability, your personal development can lead to professional success.

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What We offer

Value Proposition

Learn How to
1st Lead U

1st Lead U uses a variety of individual assessments to help you better understand yourself as a leader and move you to a place of self-confidence and better decision making.

Build a Team that Really Works

1st Lead U has developed foundational concepts to help teams utilize their individual strengths and how to use them to benefit the team. As personal growth develops productivity will expand as when team members realize what type of work brings them joy and energy.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

1st Lead U teaches leadership teams the difference between EQ and IQ and why developing one’s EQ is much more valuable to the organization and its team members.

How it works.

How it Works

Call us

Let’s talk about your leadership team and the goals you have for your company related to leadership development and culture change.

Get a plan

Once we understand your goals 1st Lead U will develop a custom plan for your organization that focuses on the goals you have set for yourself, your leaders, and your team. 

Change your culture

As teams learn to 1st Lead U at every level of the organization, you will start to see a culture change that brings respect, enthusiasm and creative problem solving back to your organization.

Gravel Road into the Forest
Why 1st Lead U
Why 1st Lead U?

At 1st Lead U, we know that you want to be a better leader. In order to do that, you need to first lead yourself by developing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and mental strength. The problem is this lack of personal development has held you back from reaching your goals which makes you feel like you are failing yourself and your team. We believe everyone who wants to grow and learn has the potential to be a great leader. We understand personal growth and change can be difficult, which is why our lead personal growth coach, John Ballinger, has used his 30-plus years of experience to guide 100s of individuals and numerous leadership teams through their own personal growth journey. 


                     Here’s how we work with both individuals and teams:

                     Step 1 - Share your goals,         

                     Step 2 - Complete the assessments,

                     Step 3- Meet for review and plan development. 

So, call us (803-546-7678) or send us an email at  

And in the meantime, start formulating your goals. Now you can stop the negative self-talk and start moving toward the leader you want to become.

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