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1st Lead U
@ the
HEaL Conference

Join 1st Lead U personal Growth Coach John Ballinger at 2 PM in the Ballroom, where he will discuss the convergence of Leadership and Mental Health. 
Visit the 1st Lead U booth and pick up the world's most intriguing puzzle. 
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Company Bio

1st Lead U exists to help individuals, corporate teams, and organizational leaders understand that in order to lead others well, we must all learn to lead ourselves.


Personal growth coach John Ballinger has spent over 30 years in military and corporate leadership, and it is this experience that led him to the belief that professional success comes through personal development. Without well-developed emotional intelligence and self-awareness through self-reflection and self-assessment, it is difficult for individuals to lead others well.


John and the 1st Lead U team use a variety of assessments and proprietary curricula to guide individuals, corporate groups, and organizational leaders through a path of self-development and a deeper understanding of themselves and the team members they lead.


As leaders, it is our responsibility to help others reach their full potential, which requires us to work on maximizing our full potential. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing someone use the 1st Lead U concepts to unlock their potential and watching them succeed far beyond their biggest dreams.

At 1st Lead U We Focus On...


Start your personal growth journey today, or just drop us a message if you would like to know more about 1st Lead U!

Congratulations, that was the first step on your personal growth journey! Someone from 1st Lead U will be in touch soon.

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