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Leadership Development
Training & Support

Leadership starts with YOU.
At 1st Lead U, we enable businesses to cultivate strong leaders who excel in leading themselves first.

This approach fosters long-term stability, boosts profitability, and enhances the company's competitive edge, while also bringing more joy to the team.


Teaching Leaders to Build Trust with Themselves and the Teams They Lead

By leveraging personal development skills such as emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and individual assessments, our team collaborates with your leaders to establish and nurture a cohesive, high-performing team.

We get it
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Are you READY? 

  • Self-Managing Team 

  • Collaboration & Respect

  • Connecting With Your Team

  • Get & Give Promotions 

  • Confidence as a Leader & Person

  • Emotionally  Able to Support Others

We Get It.

Leadership Training isn't Enough

Typical Leadership training falls short. It focuses on the actions and skills; while these are important, the most important part is YOU and everything you bring to the equation.

Our personal growth first approach coupled with team assessments allows us to help each of your leaders while also helping build a cohesive team. 

Team Hugging
What We offer
Why 1st Lead U

Building Success

Learn How to
1st Lead U

1st Lead U uses a variety of individual assessments to help you better understand yourself as a leader and move you to a place of self-confidence and better decision making.

Build a Team that Really Works

1st Lead U has developed foundational concepts to help teams utilize their individual strengths and how to use them to benefit the team. As personal growth develops productivity will expand as when team members realize what type of work brings them joy and energy.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

1st Lead U teaches leadership teams the difference between EQ and IQ and why developing one’s EQ is much more valuable to the organization and its team members.

How it works.

How it Works

Call us

Let’s talk about your leadership team and the goals you have for your company related to leadership development and culture change.

Get a plan

Once we understand your goals 1st Lead U will develop a custom plan for your organization that focuses on the goals you have set for yourself, your leaders, and your team. 

Change your culture

As teams learn to 1st Lead U at every level of the organization, you will start to see a culture change that brings respect, enthusiasm and creative problem solving back to your organization.

Let's Work Together

The 1st Lead U Team works with individuals, small teams and large corporations who are ready for leadership development with a You-First Approach.

This approach supports each member of the team to build their leadership skills through emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and mental strength. Then, the team comes back together to build a cohesive leadership structure who can create long-term stability and profitability of the organization. 

We use a variety of personal assessments to help guide our journey. Our belief is that you must lead and deeply understand yourself before you can best lead others. 

 Call us (803-546-7678) or send us an email at so we can customize a plan that works best for you and your team.

Personal Leadership


Are you serious about taking your personal leadership and professional goals to the next level?​

One-on-one (1:1) highly personalized coaching with Personal Growth Coach John Ballinger will quickly help you peel back life’s layers to reveal your true leadership abilities.


Designed for those desiring personal growth, professional success, and becoming a more effective leader, these 1:1 sessions will give you fresh insights and new direction to better lead yourself and others.

From 1:1 Deep Dives to our 90-day Development Program, this is the next step to building yourself and your leadership skills.




Leadership development that focuses first on the leader and then brings together teams in a way you never thought possible. This corporate offer includes up to six members of your leadership team (and more if necessary).

Starting with a one-day leadership intensive, your team will be introduced to the basic tenets of 1st Lead U and how to better lead themselves and their teams.


From personal assessments to unique leadership concepts, team members will start their own journey while learning to work more effectively together.


Designed to include monthly touch-points and individual growth sessions 1st lead U focuses on building stable teams that builds stable teams. 

Your team will learn to first lead themselves, then lead their team and finally work more effectively with each other and across teams and departments.


As certified Working Genius facilitators, we use this system to facilitate better collaboration by maximizing the Genius of every team member, which creates greater job satisfaction and profitability.

Personal Leadership
Development Assessment

To get where you're going, you need to know where you are.

Get immediate access to this Personal Development Assessment. 

Want to learn more - listen in to this episode - "Do You Trust Yourself as a Leader?"

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